Madison County has a variety of work opportunities from large manufacturing firms to health care fields to personal care to restaurants and everything in between. The County has an extremely active Work One/Job Source facility to help our residents find a job suited for them.

The county takes pride in its national and international companies, with four added in the past eighteen months and plans for even more. Contracting jobs are a part of sustaining this manufacturing environment.

Health care is also a major focus of our work community. St. Vincent Anderson Regional and Community Hospital continually add quality services and people to their over 2,800 member workforce. Senior health care facilities and at-home care providers are expanding, seeking health professionals to join their forces. 

Education is a top priority in Madison County.  There are opportunities for passionate instructors, teachers and administrators at the three higher education facilities and the over 35 preschools, grade schools, middle schools and high schools in the county.

And Madison County is not lacking for food-related job opportunities. Major restaurants, fast food restaurants and independent food service providers offer steady employment. Food and entertainment go hand in hand, making Hoosier Park Racing & Casino another prime place for employment. Plus, there are opportunities at the many event centers in Madison County.

The Madison County Government Center, Anderson Public Library, law enforcement facilities and city facilities offer yet another avenue for employment.

In short, if you are looking for a job, you are likely to find the
perfect one in Madison County!