MCC Health Center Names CEO

Written by  Apr 23, 2018

The search for a new CEO for Madison County Community Health Center has concluded with the naming of Sharon A. Foote. Kyle Noone, Board member led the CEO search and released this statement,. “We are extremely excited to name Sharon A. Foote as our new Chief Executive Officer of the Madison County Community Health Center. The CEO search committee was pleased to have several excellent candidates submit resumes to be considered, and after an extensive review and interviews, the committee chose to select Mrs. Foote to help us continue to carry out our mission of providing Madison County with much needed quality health services. Sharon will be an excellent CEO who has the ability to lead by example. Her vast knowledge of Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC’s) will help propel the MCCHC to a premium level of quality care and patient service for years to come.”

Mrs. Foote relocated to Fort Wayne in December 2015 from St. Louis, Missouri, where she enjoyed a rich 47-year career across the health care delivery spectrum. In addition to serving as COO at a federally qualified health center Mrs. Foote served on many St. Louis health care advocacy boards and committees with organizations, such as the St. Louis Integrated Health Network, Missouri Primary Care Association, St. Louis Maternal and Child Health Coalition, St. Louis Regional Health Commission and St. Louis Effort for AIDS.

Mrs. Foote earned a Masters in Health Care Administration/Education from the University of Phoenix and went on to become a graduate of the Community Health Center Executive Fellow Program sponsored by the University of Missouri-Kansas City. Mrs. Foote discovered her passion for community health “by accident” when she was “coerced” into making a one-year commitment in 1991, which expanded twenty-four years. Mrs. Foote firmly believes that community health centers should be the building-blocks on which health care systems across the nation are constructed to support the paradigm shift from treating disease to promoting wellness through personal health self-management.

Mrs. Foote and the caring staff of Madison County Community Health Centers is dedicated to continuing the founding vision to collaborate and partner with organizations and agencies that share their strategic priority to reduce resource challenges for all Madison County communities.


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