Telling the South Madison Story for 100 Years

Interviewed by Dirk Webb

Photo courtesy of Dale Pickett


Like most small town newspapers, the history of The Pendleton Times-Post is difficult to research. The first newspaper in Pendleton can be traced back to 1871 with an interruption in service during World War I because of labor and materials shortages.

Through several owners including Anderson’s James Bannon, the newspaper employed such wonder characters as Columnist Irene Owens, and long-time writer, Hayse Huey.

Today, the Pendleton Times-Post weekly newspaper, owned by AIM Media Indiana, continues to serve South Madison County including Lapel, Ingalls and Markleville.

Would you consider Madison County to be in the midst of sunrise? What does the business sunrise across the horizon look like to you?

”The sunrise is definitely on the horizon and you can see it coming clearly in the distance. The business sunrise for us is very bright and warm. We have three divisions of our business, printing, printed and digital community newspapers and digital advertising and marketing services - each of these are growing and becoming more impactful and fruitful.”

What does "A New Day" mean to you?

“A New Day means that when we arise each morning we should be thankful and give thanks to God first and foremost. We should also create an opportunity each day to create our environment with our choices and actions leading us to involve ourselves with those that want to be excited about life and everyone we can impact for good each day.”

How has your optimism helped you guide your company’s vision?

“Our optimism is always rising even with the challenges we all face in every industry. We have a ‘can do’ spirit and it is contagious. We must believe with our hearts, act with our minds and share with others our company's vision and the power we have each day to take command of the outcomes.”

Is your optimism ever threatened?

“Optimism is only threatened when you let obstacles overcome your focus. Optimism is always threatened by those with challenges in front of them not wanting to change or look at them in a different way. Optimism also feeds optimism so a positive outlook and attitude is the only way to do business in this day and age.”

If Optimism leads to achievement, what is it you hope your company will achieve in 2016?

“We hope that AIM Media Indiana - printing, newspapers and digital, becomes a well-known service provider for all of the area's business and marketing needs. We offer affordable and friendly services with local experts that know the market. The goal of the Times Post community newspaper in Pendleton is to grow its audience and make every day count - improving every story, special section and product we produce.”

If you were to have five minutes with someone who was considering relocating to Madison County what would you tell them?

“I would tell them that Madison County is a large area of potential growth positioned well - just north of Indianapolis and neighbors to Hamilton County, with access too many great resources, amenities and affordable land and housing. I would also describe the hard working folks that are friendly and treat you like family.”

Thanks in part to St. Vincent Anderson Regional Hospital and Howard Webb Agency, Times-Post will be honored for 100 years in business on February 25 at the 2016 Annual Awards Gala.

To view past award winners, or to read more about the awards, visit MCC's Wall of Fame.


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