Mounds Lake: So, what if we don't?

Written by  Jun 30, 2015


There is a cost to not moving forward. From a business standpoint, if we choose the status quo our competitors will find us and once they find us they don’t seem to be content to just stay even. The late Satchel Paige said “Don’t look back, something might be gaining on you.”

Recently, the Anderson City Council voted to continue pursuing the Mounds Lake Project. Some have vowed to fight this action. Others of us applaud the foresight our community leaders presented in trying to “look down the road.”

As residents we are attempting to collectively gaze into the crystal ball and grasp some sort of vision as to what our homes, properties, and lives might look like with the Mounds Lake project. Now that Anderson has weighed in, what will our friends in Chesterfield, Daleville and Yorktown think? How will they vote?

Finally, what happens if we reject Mounds Lake?

A few weeks ago some area high school students weighed in on the project. Every student articulated thoughts ranging from retaining people their own age to what it all might mean for their own children and grandchildren in years to come.

But what if we don’t?

Will our children stay?

If those of us responsible for making decisions in our families and work places now stop the project, what will our future community leaders be left with? Furthermore, some of our current generation have indicated that if our community refuses to change, or keeps finding reasons not to take bold steps, then they may be frustrated to the point of surrender.

In the last decade, through such leaders as the Flagship Enterprise Center, The Leadership Academy and our own City Government, we’ve started to see daring new ideas come to the fore. International Business, The Plant 3 Project and other endeavors have reminded us that Madison County’s future lies in thinking boldly and changing our landscape both figuratively and literally.

The Madison County Chamber has focused on #COURAGEOUS stories of men and women who created their own vision and then developed that vision into a thriving company. Our leaders have worked hard to articulate a future in business, education and community.

What if we don’t do this? What have we said to our children? We’ve talked a lot about what it means to go forward with the Mounds Lake Project.

What if we don’t?


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