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Meet Beverly Joyce

By Dirk Webb

In March on Friday the 13th, “Lucky Friday,” as she prefers to say, Beverly Joyce became the Publisher of the Anderson Herald Bulletin succeeding Henry Byrd.

“I am a Hoosier at heart, born and raised in Oldenburg, Indiana in a German Catholic home.” Joyce has been in the news business since age 21 first smelling newsprint in Batesville. “Ink does get in your blood,” she says, “It’s our way of serving the community as its mouth piece and really serves as a gathering place for the public.”

Joyce left the newspaper business briefly serving as President of Trace Communications. The company provided services to other newspapers including glossy magazines and direct mail options and was cited as the 53rd fastest growing in America.

Rejoining CNHI for stints in Traverse City, Michigan and later Kokomo and Logansport, Joyce became publisher of the paper in Danville, Illinois.

Joyce explains, “The publisher oversees the business part of the operation with all department heads reporting to me including, Scott Underwood, our news expert, Mark Elliott our advertising director as well as finance and circulation.”

While Joyce reports to the parent company she says, “We retain enough autonomy that it is still our hometown paper with a hometown feel.”

She continues, “The Publisher can’t sit behind a desk all day. We must be out there taking an active part in the community we represent.”

Why here in Madison County? “Some years ago I was here in the building and said, ‘I’m going to be publisher here in Anderson.’ Since I’ve come back to take this position I appreciate how welcoming this community is and just how much heart it has. Anderson has taken its hits, but people here embrace each other, work together and they love their newspaper. People will call me if their paper is wet or if it is late, but for certain, people here care. Even though I’m from Batesville, I feel like I’ve come back home.”

What are your goals for the rest of 2015? “To continue to learn the community, my staff’s strengths and weaknesses, and with so much going on here I’m bringing myself up to speed quickly.”

Who do you consider the most courageous person in history and why? “I could say Lincoln, I’m a huge fan. His leadership held the country together, and of course his stand on abolition; it was his leadership on these issues that ultimately led to his death. For me personally, however, it is Mother Theresa. As a woman and a Catholic, I love that she had no boundaries. She stepped past faith and politics to answer a call to serve those who could not serve themselves. From political leaders to the lowest members of society, she empowered others to do the same.”

If you were to take that person on a tour of your business what one thing would you want them to see? “I would want her to meet the people that make up the paper. We don’t follow boundaries either. We’re here to serve in a different way. In our community we bring a message, perhaps a different message, but still based on values and ethics. Our business is made up of people who care. We don’t get rich at what we do; we do it because we care.”

What was the defining moment when you knew your business was making a difference? “When we did the series on Alice, the feedback that the United Way and the community at large gave us was important. Our city has taken a big hit and each of us know someone who makes a little go a long way. We had the courage to stick with the story and I am very proud of the Alice series. We know we are impactful when we are invited to events. I think we do that very well. Our newsroom wins all kinds of awards but we don’t do it for the recognition, we do it for the person who lives next door to each of us.”


Launched as the Madison County Chamber's theme during the 2015 Annual Awards Gala, #COURAGEOUS is a platform to tell really good stories of really good people in business. It is a seamless collection of the thoughts, dreams, doubts, fears and inevitably the triumph of perseverance, hope and faith. These are the stories of business leaders in Madison County who have given us a gathering place or rather a rallying point to remind us that together as a community we can achieve much, both for ourselves and for the generations to come. #Courageous - yes we are.

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